Who are we?


helloEV are passionate about reducing the environmental impact of petrol and diesel fleet vehicles.

We’re also passionate about helping you to reduce fleet costs, control grey-fleet expenditure and liabilities or just get your EV charged.

By supporting organisations like yours we can push forward the low-carbon economy.

The goal is simple. We want to help switch fossil-fuel vehicles from municipal and private-sector fleets to shared electric vehicles and enable vehicle and fleet sharing.

Everything we do is geared towards making life with an electric vehicle simpler. Whether you need to find and book a charge point using our ELECTRA platform, or want to run an electric vehicle but can’t charge at home, we can help.

helloEV also offer an analysis of your fleet requirements and can provide all the expertise needed to run a single-ticket eMaaS (Electro Mobility as a Service) system in the smart cities of the future.


The benefits of switching to electric vehicles are substantial: zero pollution, up to a 90% reduction in fuel costs, longer service intervals and reduced maintenance costs. The lifetime operating costs of an electric vehicle, already at parity, will be lower than petrol or diesel.

The government intends to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040, so it’s time to prepare.

Whether you are a business or local authority, we all have a part to play in hitting air-quality targets and improving transport infrastructure. By modernising your public or private-sector fleet and reaping the benefits of shared electric vehicles today, we will all be in a better place tomorrow.

At helloEV, we know that if we hire the right people, success tends to follow.

Which is why we’ve put a lot of effort into creating a dynamic culture that attracts the right people: those with a passion for the environment and for collaboration and innovation. We believe that the good people doing good work should get the recognition they deserve!

If you share our passions and have talents in software development, applications development or business development we’d like to hear from you.