We are helloEV

and we are passionate about reducing environmental impacts from petrol and diesel fleet vehicles, helping you to reduce your fleet costs, controlling grey fleet costs and liabilities and, with you, leading the green economy movement. For us it is all about switching out diesel and petrol fuelled vehicles from municipal and private sector fleets to Shared Electric Vehicles (EVs) and introducing vehicle and fleet sharing.

By 2040 all new vehicles must be electric, but the market is struggling to establish itself. The benefits of switching vehicles from petrol or diesel to electric are substantial; zero pollution, reduced fuel costs up to 90%, and reduced maintenance costs. The lifetime operating costs of an electric vehicle, already at parity, will be lower than petrol or diesel. 

City authorities are responsible to ensure local air quality targets and to provide effective transport and roads. By moving the municipal fleet and by supporting other public-sector fleets and local business fleets to move over to electric city authorities can better meet environmental targets, be seen to lead the green economy and be ready for new initiatives as they come on stream.

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We can help you understand just how much you could save by switching to EVs in your fleet.

We can show you the benefits of vehicle and fleet sharing. 

We can fit our telemetry solution to your current fleet and demonstrate just how effective EV sharing would be.