Team Bios



Aiden Fry is our Senior Developer and is responsible for developing new features for Urban Pulse and our apps.

Aiden is an experienced Android and Java development engineer  with a strong background in Apps and Services for Connected Cars. With five years’ experience working with a global automotive manufacturer, Aiden has been deeply involved in developing cutting-edge connected-services for automotive use cases. As large project leader for a bespoke In-Car App Store, Aiden has experience developing and delivering wide ranging apps and services for the automotive use case, including integration with Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 

For the last two years Aiden has been involved with the drive towards EVs, being a core component of the connected services team, designing and developing unique electric vehicle use cases and services. As the lead Java developer at [ui!]uk, Aiden brings his background of automotive combines his passion for Smart Cities and IoT. He brings together a team of highly skilled individuals to deliver complex projects to high standards, while driving innovation and process improvement.

Aiden holds an Msc (Hons) in Sound and Music for Interactive Games from Leeds Metropolitan University (Merit). 



Anna Piwonska is a software developer and is responsible for developing connectors for Urban Pulse.

Anna has a wealth of experience within the software industry, previously working as a C# developer and most recently as a Java developer. At [ui!]uk Anna is responsible for developing new connectors for our data platform.

Anna is experienced in database migrations, business intelligence and enterprise resource planning. In a previous company Anna developed a web application for managing patient flow in a hospital including bed management, forms and dashboards.

Specialising in database and expert systems, Anna holds a Master's degree in Computer Science form the Technical University of Lodz. 



Antony Page is responsible for business development for helloEV, leading sales and supporting implementation and transformations for our clients. 

Antony is our Managing Director at [ui!]uk. He and Jason founded [ui!]uk in 2017 to tackle the need for open and truly smart city data platforms and to supply EV sharing, mobility and energy solutions that address the climate crisis. 

Antony holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts from Auckland University, New Zealand. Antony moved from NZ to the UK when he discovered the urban antidote to a surfeit of world-class scenery (but he does miss the beaches). 



David Engwell is our in-house counsel. 

With over 20 years’ legal experience advising on acquisitions, finance and business models of private companies, David has held several significant roles in leading law firms including director and head of business services at Hedges Law before becoming independent. 

David is responsible for ensuring we get complicated stuff right and keep it as simple as we can. 

David holds a Bachelor of Laws from Sheffield Hallam University.



Greig Box Turnbull is responsible for our PR, marketing and communications strategy and delivery. He handles all press enquiries.

Greig is our communications consultant and the founder of Fortitude Communications, an Oxford based PR agency. Greig is a former Managing Director of Oxford United Football Club, managing partner of corporate PR consultancy Dragon Advisory and senior journalist on the Daily Mirror. Greig founded Fortitude with a pledge to providing clear advice aligned to business objectives and delivering first-class communications results. 

Greig hold a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Journalism from Solent University. When Greig isn’t helping folks like us get our message out he is a director at Oxford City Stars ice hockey club and vice chair and trustee of Oxford United in the Community. Greig doesn’t have any spare time.



Jake joined [ui!]uk in 2018 following time spent providing back-office services for a leading global recruiter, looking for a company that was determined to make a change for the environment.

Jake not only manages our own EV fleet but is also our local EV champion for each element of EV car sharing, fleet sharing and eMaaS. Jake leads client implementations, transformation and our communications.

Jake holds a Bachelor of Science from University College London in Project Management. 



Jason Warwick is our CTO.

Jason is a highly experienced smart city technology leader and strategist. His core competencies span CTO, lead enterprise architect and solution director roles in top five IT/consultancies. In addition to being our CTO he is also the global lead for the Urban Institute (DE), for product development. He and Antony founded [ui!]uk in 2017 to tackle the need for open and truly smart city data platforms and to supply EV sharing, mobility and energy solutions that address the climate crisis.

Jason’s extensive global experience is in delivering strategic transformation for verticals including local government, criminal justice, transport, telecoms (fixed and mobile), media, utilities, retail, and financial services. In [ui!]uk Jason leads, amongst other things, the technical aspects for helloEV to ensure the sharing platform and our apps are robust and provide an excellent customer experience.



Karthik is a software developer and responsible for our data platform, Urban Pulse.

Karthik Subramanian is an UI Architect with a wealth of Java/PHP /JavaScript development skills acquired across a wide range of demanding roles with over 10 years of commercial experience. For [ui!]uk he is one of the senior developers working on helloEV, ELECTRA and Park and Charge.

Karthik holds an MS in Information Technology. 



Miroslav Lucan is our graphic facilitator and illustrator.

Miroslav Lucan is a minimalist artist, designer and a photographer specialising in graphic facilitation, street art illustration, murals, automotive art and architecture.

In addition to the fine-art side of his work, Miroslav is also a digital artist and designer, working on projects from brand identity to providing photography services and live visual facilitating for businesses. In 2015 he told his story as part of a TEDx talk

Miroslav’s work is naturally inspired by his surroundings and takes inspiration from his local coastline and its marine life. Miroslav can be found regularly working on live art projects with Freeway Poets and on other events/venues.