Park and Charge

With 30% of households in the UK lacking access to off-street charging or home charging, the market opportunity identified in this Park and Charge model is that existing car parks near residential areas can be used at night to provide Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) to these potential EV buyers. Detailed work undertaken in 2018 indicated that existing car parks are under-utilised from 6pm to 8am and, through a detailed survey, 70% of potential EV buyers were willing to walk for five minutes to charge their EV.

[ui!]uk are responsible in the project to provide an Interoperable Electric Mobility Service Provider (eMSP) platform and app. Our eMSP enables EV charge-point bookings, parking-space bookings, charge-point operator data integration, payment integration, reporting and visualisation. In addition to managing member transactions and preferences it also optimises the user experience and the charge-point utilisation.

The Park and Charge consortium sees [ui!]uk collaborating with the University of Oxford, Scottish and South Energy Enterprise, Zeta Specialist Lighting and Oxfordshire County Council with the City and District Councils. The project is funded by INNOVATE UK.

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