fleet analysis


Switching to EVs or introducing shared EVs to your fleet help you to:

  • make a difference to the environment and reduce your carbon emissions
  • save money on your transport costs
  • align with your corporate and social responsibilities
  • make astute choices rather than take risks

Our helloEV fleet analysis service helps you understand the benefits of switching to EV or introducing shared EVs. We have insights from six countries, more than 200 shared EVs in operation, and over 20 years of policy experience that can help you understand the potential for your fleet. In some cases, we can even match fund the cost of carry out your fleet analysis

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EV switch


EVs are a new market. The EV models of the last decade had issues with range and cost. The drive is different (most say better) and charging is a new thing to learn. So, introducing EVs and shared EVs to your fleet can be a challenge. Achieving the benefits can require culture and driver behaviour change. We have over 20 years’ experience of change and transformation management that we can use to support you. We can help you plan your strategy, support you with relevant advice and guidance based on latest thinking and government policy, and provide practical tools designed to create a positive shift toward EVs and shared EVs.

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EV sharing


Sharing EVs inside your fleet will save you money and help you make even greater environmental and air-quality contributions. At helloEV we think one shared EV can reduce your fleet requirements by three fossil-fuel vehicles. We know that classic carpools actually have a high cost themselves and built in inefficiencies that make these savings hard to achieve. We are therefore very pleased to bring our GoodMoovs EV sharing platform and app to the market. GoodMoovs gives you an app-based booking and keyless-driving solution that manages the business journey end to end. Our ‘personal journey’ function on the app lets your staff drive out of hours and can either handle any fee you wish to levy or ‘benefit in kind’ tax adjustments. With full control and a set of back-office reports your fleet manager will be in ­all the driving seats! 

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EV fleet sharing


EV fleet sharing gives you the ability to make even greater savings and reduce environmental impacts. There are two options; opening your fleet up to you staff, friends and family to create a ‘personal use’ fleet for out of office hours, or formally sharing your fleet with other companies. Our GoodMoovs platform and app enables you to choose both or either of those options. Fully realised as an inter-company fleet-sharing service, the environmental benefit is eight times greater than an in-company fleet alone. The reason this is possible is down to the lifespan of the EV and the battery. Traditional fleet fossil-fuel vehicles reach the end of their fleet life at about 100,000 miles. Current studies show that EV fleet vehicles are still in service at 300,000 miles.

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EV sharing club


Local planning authorities are responding to local, national and global challenges such as congestion, air quality and the climate emergency by increasing the amount of green space, reducing the amount of space in new developments for parking and setting targets for EV-charging spaces. In some local plans this can see less than one car space per unit and a target of 40% EV charging allocation. In addition, there are requirements to integrate transport with local public and sustainable services. On the other hand, property developers and housing associations are themselves motivated to build eco-developments to meet demand shift from eco-conscious buyers.

With our EV sharing club, the developer can provide a sustainable space-saving and environmentally friendly solution that creates a specific additional benefit for new home buyers; a neighbourhood-located EV shared and driven keyless with our smartphone booking app. We already provide new-development EV sharing in six locations.

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EV drivers need to be able to know where they can charge their EV when away from home or place of work. ELECTRA is the name of our platform that provides a realtime booking function for charge-point providers and lets drivers make a booking on the go.

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Park and Charge


In cities of every size and in villages and communities across counties our study showed that at least 30% of households cannot install off-street EV charge points. On-street charge-point-enabled lampposts only provide the slowest charge and no allocated EV space. Park and Charge is an overnight charge-point booking club that gives those people guaranteed charging for their EVs. For energy providers and cities/counties Park and Charge provides demand and utilisation insights. For charge-point providers and payment services Park and Charge provides common data platforms to enable the booking club.

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eMaaS, Electro Mobility as a Service, gives passengers the ability to create a single-ticket multi-mode journey. It also gives ransport providers a common platform-based market, infrastructure; and energy providers demand insight. As well as cities the ability to understand the full integrated transport system as a tool for delivering policy objectives. At helloEV, we choose to focus on the electric transport systems (ground and air) for people and goods in order to achieve sustainability objectives, but, until cost and battery power have improved, the transition to eMaaS will always include fossil-fuel transport. We already deliver many elements of eMaaS, including the platform and data integration, and are currently involved with the German government and significant providers in our ProSeMo project. We are looking for partners in the UK to expand our offer.

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