[ui!] Micro-mobility

[ui!] provides a comprehensive platform enabling cities to manage micro-mobility transport modes including shared bikes, eBike, eScooters and their dock-less and back to base variants. The [ui!] Micro-mobility Management Suite utilises standard and open APIs for bike sharing to integrate data from micro-mobility operators to provide a comprehensive map view and ‘at a glance’ dashboard view to manage the micro-mobility services and to monitor city policy compliance.

Our solution building blocks:


Real-time map and dashboard view of how micro-mobility assets move and operate in a city environment to maximise benefit and avoid negative impacts

· support city transport policy

· management of mobile assets including third parties operating in cities

· reduce crime, vandalism, nuisance and protect the urban realm

Understand the impact that micro-mobility has on journeys

· showing modal shift i.e. micro-mobility replacing car journeys, complementing public transport journeys or impacting active travel

· informing investment and policy decisions

· promoting safety

Micro-mobility data and insights 

· origin, destination and routing

· inform decisions in areas like expanding cycle route, infrastructure and junction safety

Manage enforcement and compliance

· identify compliance with regulations such as parking zones

· integrate with enforcement systems and processes

Respond to COVID-19 impacts

· identify micro-mobility social distance hot spots

· manage cleaning between hires

· manage operators measures

Supports standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enabling data exchange between cities and micro-mobility operators. Including:

· 75+ connectors

· bike sharing APIs: nextbike (London, Cologne, Berlin), MDS & GBFS

· car sharing & MaaS APIs: TOMP

Digital infrastructure

· MS Azure, secure cloud hosting

· GDPR compliant

· supports desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones

Platform modules

· [ui!] UrbanPulse providing real-time data integration, database and analytics

· [ui!] COCKPIT visualisation providing map and dashboard views with a range of preconfigured data insight tiles