fleet analysis

 Managing a corporate fleet used to be less complicated: ensure a mix of vehicles suitable for task and for senior roles (maybe their egos too), achieve the right costs for lease, maintenance and insurance, manage the surprises and pay the fuel bills. 

A number of key factors have made traditional fleet management complicated. They include the critical issues of climate emergency, air quality and carbon emissions. Plus, the introduction of new measures such as Zero Emission Zones and the increasing desire of companies, SMEs and public service to reduce carbon emissions. Equally changes to benefit in kind have further eroded old methods.

Of course, it would be easy to decide to switch your fleet to a mix of ultra-low-emission vehicles (ULEV), but will it be economically viable and would it make such a difference to environmental impacts?

Our fleet analysis allows you to find the parts of your fleet that match to the test of economic viability and reduced environmental impacts. 

Not all journeys are suitable for a battery-only EV (BEV). A vehicle in your current fleet that only does journeys under five miles is unlikely to be environmentally better by EV, and a vehicle that only makes journeys over 300 miles is not going to be economically better. A local journey in a hybrid (i.e. battery motor and fossil-fuel engine) will be worse in every regard. An assessment of actual journeys will allow you to understand which journeys could be better made by an EV and where there could be other opportunities such as EV sharing, e.g. EV pool car, or indeed EV fleet sharing (a daytime business fleet driven by a different business at night).

the helloEV fleet analysis includes:

  • whole-life cost modelling (purchase cost, fuel, maintenance, government grants etc)
  • environmental impact modelling
  • a range of analysis from existing data to telemetry module data studies 
  • quick-wins identification
  • business-case support
  • advice and guidance from our EV Champion

We can complete a fleet analysis within a month. With our European Investment Bank-funded HELLO programme, we may even be able to match fund the cost for qualifying fleets.

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