EV switch

Historically the main barrier for fleet drivers was the range of EVS and more recently for finance directors it was cost. The market of EVs has changed considerably and the models and charging options are now wider than ever before. Add to this the climate emergency, air quality and carbon-emission issues, the bad news for fossil fuel, changes to benefit in kind, the introduction of new measures such as zero emissions zones (ZEZ), and directors of small, medium and even large business as well as public services are beginning to become aware of the possibilities of EVs to respond positively to these issues.

So how can we help your fleet make the EV switch?

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In our experience successful EV migration is built on three key platforms:

  1. shared ownership of the benefits, including environmental and financial
  2. clear purpose that aligns to ALL business priorities
  3. overcoming barriers to take up

For many businesses the financial business case is typically understood to be the only reason a business will adopt any major change. However, with the global issue that climate change has created and growing corporate social responsibilities it means that all parts of the organisation have an interest in activities that not only reduce environmental impacts but allow all employees to demonstrate their commitment both inside and outside the business. 

For any business-transformation programme, it is critical that the purpose and all elements of change are aligned to the business priorities. If they are not aligned or if there are inconsistencies in the programme employees will see the change messages as inauthentic and question participation.

At helloEV we find that the barriers to EV migration tend to fall in two different ways: business ought to allow those positions. An example of non-acceptance is when facilities management will not agree to the placing of an EV charge point on an existing parking bay.

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