EV sharing club

By introducing an EV sharing club to your development you can address requirements from the Local Plan and the planning authorities, including:

  • reduce the parking allocation to less than one space per unit
  • increase the amount of green space
  • provide EV charge points
  • support sustainable transport solutions
  • reduce demand on local transport infrastructures
  • reduce air-quality impacts from fossil-fuel vehicles
  • reduce environmental impacts from car ownership

Our efficient booking and keyless driving system will provide your buyers with EVs suitable for household journeys and eliminate vehicle emissions from those journeys. Our GoodMoovs EV-sharing platform and app is already used by more than 1,750 regular drivers sharing around 200 EVs. In our experience a single shared EV can serve as many as 10 households. We know that some parts of the market recommend 30, but our experience shows that this leads to challengingly low levels of personal responsibility, maintenance and management problems.

Our GoodMoovs EV sharing platform and apps provides:

  • keyless driving provided by car-sharing module/telemetry device
  • choice of Android or iOS apps for bookings and keyless driving
  • open data platform for each household
  • journey data
  • damage reporting before and after journey
  • back-to-the-neighbourhood-base car sharing
  • service and support options available

Booking and driving a shared EV with our GoodMoovs platform and apps is simple

step 1: make a booking on the platform or your smartphone, choose your date and time, select the EV you want to drive from the available range

step 2: use your smartphone to download the Bluetooth key (which means it will still work underground or out of Wi-Fi range), to capture any damage to the vehicle and then open the EV and start the engine

step 3: make your journey while the EV sharing module captures journey data

step 4: return to base and use your smartphone to report any new damage, close the booking and lock the EV ready for the next driver

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