Electro Mobility as a Service (eMaaS) is being developed in many different countries as a response to the growing demand from users for transport to be delivered as an on-demand, multi-mode service that allows passengers to travel door to door conveniently and on a single fare. It also allows deliveries to be curated by the recipient which will become even more important as drone delivery starts in this decade. eMaaS transport choices are as wide as possible and best matched to preferences that could include options such as walking for health or for pleasure. From the provider perspective, eMaaS is a platform that provides their transport solution (e.g. public train or bus, private taxi or drone) or infrastructure (e.g. EV or drone charge points) as an option to all passengers and the transportation of goods. EV charge-point operators, energy suppliers and infrastructure services will need closer and closer to real-time information to manage their assets and services. And, significantly, as a city or local authority, eMaaS provides the ability to understand how policy targets such as the climate emergency, environmental targets, economic sustainability, disability access to work, education and services, social isolation and wellbeing can be addressed by the mixed transport system.

eMaaS will revolutionise the way people travel and goods are delivered, just like streaming services have fundamentally changed the way people watch and pay for TV. eMaaS will bring substantial benefits for individuals, transport providers and society as a whole. These include:

  • reduced road congestion, 
  • improved air quality, 
  • healthier travel choices, 
  • increased efficiency in transport networks,
  • a fully open travel market supporting new business models and new forms of transport
  • more effective management of transport demand. 

helloEV is at the forefront of eMaaS development. Working with our German partners, the Urban Institute, and deploying our leading Urban Pulse platform for smart-city data management, we have developed the foundation architecture that provides eMaaS with essential functionality to provide:

  • aggregation of different mobility (passenger and goods) service providers
    • local, singular access to user account / preferences
    • best mobility offers within the framework of user specifications (fast, reliable, convenient, economical)
    • singular and uniform invoicing and overview
  • integrated, dynamic travel planning
    • barrier-free mobility from door to door
    • route & modality adjustment for incidents
    • uniform and consistent processes for partial cancellations and refunds
  • uniform user interface with calendar integration
  • optimization according to various criteria
    • environmentally friendly with minimal pollutant emissions
    • healthy with increased exercise e.g. walking, stairs, cycling etc
  • uniform payment system
    • e.g. blockchain-based
    • standardised and open platform
    • wide variety of existing interfaces and data capture across city systems
    • common reporting standards
  • detailed reporting
    • operator/provider/city dashboards
    • user insights

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