In 2018/19 [ui!]uk participated in an INNOVATE UK-funded consortium to build our software platform which integrates the heterogeneous charge infrastructure and application providers to provide a seamless automated charge service to the driver, delivered via an app.

To deliver this solution the project focused on three key objectives: 

  1. Functional objective 
    1. automated EV charge bay hardware, utilising new and existing infrastructure and 
    2. Integrated charging platform for drivers with web/app interface,
    3. system control and resilience platform for managers (city, DNO, charge network) to integrate ELECTRA into the urban, transport and electrical grid
  2. Validate the ELECTRA business model to ensure the system is sustainable 
  3. Conduct a 12-month pilot trial of the system in Oxfordshire and obtain impartial evaluation of the immediate and long-term economic and environmental sustainability of ELECTRA.

ELECTRA delivers innovation in two key and linked streams. Firstly, taking the current heterogeneous charging mechanisms of the EV sector to a level of usability and integration that gives EV users the confidence required to enable mass adoption. Secondly, to prove this innovation in a previously ignored context of a rural-urban county of Oxfordshire. Innovation is centred around a communications-hardware and software platform that enables EV users to prebook their charging via a V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) platform, allows efficient use of charging bays (by notifying users that their charging is completed) and provides a method for the EV charging bay to communicate to the connected vehicle.

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